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New Grass Rig for 2009


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Winter Safety Tips: Winters are cold! Dress appropriately in layers for warmth. Skin frostbites easily. Cover all skin surfaces and limit your exposure to the outdoors.

Summer is a memory. Remember to make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning. Replace your batteries if you have not done so this year. Carbon Monoxide kills without warning. If you feel sick and the CO monitor is sounding, call your fire department for help immediately!

Avoid Cold morning surprises: Have your furnace checked for safe operation. A cracked heat exchanger can put deadly carbon monoxide gas into tour home

More Fire Safety Tips

The Second Anual Christmas Eve Blood Drive on December 24, 2014 Blood Center Drive at Somers Fire and Rescue Station #1

Somers Fire and Rescue Department hosted their Second Annual Christmas Eve Blood Drive for the Blood Center of Wisconsin on December 24, 2014 from, 9:00 a.m. to 13:00 p.m. Our goal was "24 units on the 24th" of the gift of life saving blood for the Holiday Season 2014. We fell a couple units short, but are happy that those that took the time from a busy holiday schedule to donate helped alieviate the shortage of the blood supply that happens around every holiday.

Twenty-three people generously gave of their busy Holiday time, to stop by and donate blood. One of these persons was unable to donate blood for health reasons, yet wanted to contribute in some other way. It spoke of his kindness and concern for helping those who needed blood this Holiday Season. Another donor was a truck driver from out of Town making a delivery to the closed Somers Town Hall. Unable to leave his delivery load, he had extra time on his hands and contributed to the Blood Drive. In all, twenty-two units were collected for the Blood Drive. For about one-half hour in time for each person's donation, these twenty-two donations has the potential to help up to sixty-six people in need of blood and/or blood products.

The Blood Center of Wisconsin is happy for the collections this day, and look forward to the Somers Third Annual Blood Drive in 2015.


Firefighter Chris Mason, one of three Somers Fire and Rescue Off-duty Personnel who donated blood during this drive, is shown his donating blood.


Veteran donor Ruth Gosslin, former member of Somers Rescue Squad, laughs and makes a face in good humor at the photographer as she donates blood. Ruth is a regular at the Blood Center giving donations of blood, sometimes as often as every eight weeks. For Ruth, donating blood is as easy as a casual walk in the park.


American Lung Association Climb Wisconsin Team from 2011


DodgeBrosSomers Fire Dept. Celebrates Over
75 years of Service

Somers Fire Department began operations in 1934. 2009 marked 75 years of service to the people and visitors of Somers. See photographs of our apparatus, history, and celebration of our 75th Anniversary


Somers Fire Stations

Station No. 1

Station No. 1 is the larger and the most western station in the Town of Somers. It is located at 7511 - 12th Street, Highway E in the Town of Somers.


The station houses an aerial platform truck, two engines, one tender, one grass rig, an ATV vehicle on a trailer, two ambulance rescue squads, and two Kenosha County special rescue team (Hazmat and Trench Rescue) response trailers. Station No.1 is also the main offices for the Department, and is sandwiched between the Somers Town Hall on the left and the taller Public Works Building on the right.

Station No. 2

Station Number 2 is the smaller of the two Somers stations, and is located at 812 - 12th Street, Highway E in the Town of Somers. This building houses two engines and one ambulance rescue squad.


Both stations are staffed 24 hours a day

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Loomis Photographers
1711 Green Bay Road Kenosha, Wisconsin 53144
Telephone(262) 552-8168

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Somers Fire and Rescue is a Combination Fire Department

Located in Kenosha County in Southeastern Wisconsin along the shores of Lake Michigan, the Somers Fire and Rescue Department has eight full-time members and sixty paid on call volunteer firefighters and/or emergency medical technicians on its staff. Somers Fire and Rescue Department staffs two Intermediate squads, one at each station, to provide emergency care at the Intermediate level 24 hours per day, seven days a week in the Town of Somers. Most of the volunteer members are crosstrained as firefighters and EMTs to assure the quality and care for the people of or for those traveling through the Town of Somers when an emergency arises..


Somers Fire and Rescue
Chief Thomas J. Smith
P. O Box 197
7511 - 12th Street
Somers, WI 53171

(262) 859-2277

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